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Bella Mia's Prima Spa Massage

Is the ultimate in relaxation with four modalities swedish, deep tissue, reflexology and hot stone therapy. This massage will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalized.
$104.....1 hour
$144.....1.5 hour

Swedish Massage

This massage is designed to soothe tired muscles, improve circulation and promote relaxation. Medium pressure is applied.
$46.....30 minutes
$64.....45 minutes
$79.....1 hour
$119....1.5 hour

Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage

Firm to deep pressure. Excellent for chronic muscle tension and overworked muscles.
$56.....30 minutes
$74.....45 minutes
$89.....1 hour
$129....1.5 hour

Prenatal Massage

Eases your aching muscles and gives your baby a treat.
$79.....50 minutes


A natural therapy for the foot to promote relaxation and healing of the body, mind and soul. Reflexology can be used to give you clues about what's going on inside your entire body.
$54.....30 minutes

Hot Stone Therapy

Melts away stress and tension through deeper muscle relaxation.
$104....50 minutes
$134....80 minutes

Added Treats

Revitalizing scalp treatments, hand and foot exfoliation treatment, upper back buff, heated moisturizing booties for the hands and feet, lifting treatment and more.
Add $10 to $15

Corporate On-site per Therapist

Per hour cost $96
Mobile Massage Homecare
$101....60 minutes
$151....90 minutes