Happy Hour


"Fresh Twist" Margarita Body Scrub: $75

Let the citrusy-crisp scent of light hearted lime and tangy ginger give your body a little zing.

Got Bliss Massage: $98

This sweet, one hour indulgent massage and moisturizing, aroma therapy foot wrap is so creamy and nourishing. Including scalp treatment. You will leave your stress behind...ahhh!

Passion Fruit Delight Facial: $98

Help contract the pores, even skin tones, balance pigmentation, and retain moisture. So sweet and zesty this wonderful facial will delight your senses and lift your spirit. 

Pomtini Pedicure: $50

This wonderful Spa Pedicure comes with a relaxing hot stone massage. It's refreshing, it's hip, and it's in. 

Let your HAPPY HOUR begin!