Bella Mia Spa Clayton, CA

Facial Treatments


Bella Mia Max  Facial

This anti aging facial pumps and firms the skin while keeping it looking younger by extending the life of the individual skin cell, utilizing Vectorize Technology
$124.....1 hour session

LED/ Micro Mini Lift

This facial is perfect for reducing hyper-pigmentation and fine lines. Stimulating Collagen production and firming facial muscles to give a youthful radiance to the skin.  $127....1 hour session

Age Smart Facial

Helps mature/ pre-mature aging skin. Treats the signs of aging sagging. This treatment will leave your skin smoother, firmer and healthier.
$112....1 hour session

Light Therapy Facial

LED light stimulates Collagen production. Helps sagging kin and promotes elasticity.
$97.....1 hour session

European Facial

Our facials are customized to meet your skin's needs. Extractions will be performed to meet your skin's needs. Extractions will be performed if necessary. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 
$79.....1 hour session

Acne Facial

The Acne Treatment is designed for those experiencing congested, acetic and oily skin. It also works to eliminate the impurities that affect oily, blemish prone and problematic skin.
$92.....1 hour session

Express Facial

On The Go? This is the perfect facial for you! Customized to your skin needs. Leaves your skin revitalized and fresh. No Extractions.
$64.....45 minute session

Vitamin C Treatment

Ultimate in nutrition, hydration and protection Helps repair damaged cells. Great for sensitive skin. 
$79.....45 minute session

Back Treatment

A facial for your back. We will cleanse and give your back a salt scrub to help exfoliate the tougher skin on your back, followed by an upper body massage and detoxifying or hydrating mask. 
$84.....50 minute session

Glycolic Peel

The use of Alpha Hydroxy fruit acids provides a new level of skin revitalization. Used to lessen fine lines, skin discoloration, scarring and sun damage while restoring the skin's silkiness. 
$92.....50 minute session
$516 (save $30) series of six


A skin rejuvenation procedure that removes the outer most layer of dead skin and stimulates the production of fresh skin cells.
$89....face treatment
$25.....hand treatment
$25 & up décolleté treatment
$40…..back treatment
$336 (save $20) series of four


Bella Mia Prima Brazilian (total hair removal)








Full face (brow included)


Under Arms


Legs (1/2)


Legs (full)